Credit with sickness benefit

Many people often fall into the debt trap without being guilty. For example, you become ill and can no longer work. Surely has secured with insurance, shows sickness benefit and can rest at home, but usually these small incomes are not enough to master the daily grind and to treat yourself, especially in mental illness, Continue Reading

Credit restructuring

In case of difficulties with repayment of the loan, debt restructuring is the best solution for both parties. The bank has a chance to pay its debts on time, and the indebted person receives legal assistance and internal peace. When it becomes more and more difficult for you to pay back installments of your debts, Continue Reading

Long Term Credit

The long-term loan is basically a variant intended for mortgage lending. The high loan amount secured by the property offers the borrower payable rates, low interest rates and long maturities. The risk of the financial institutions is manageable, since the property is present as a counter value. In addition, the customer is tied for a Continue Reading